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Re expansion of the resource tax reform

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Re expansion of the resource tax reform

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Re expansion of the resource tax reform

The scope of the reform of the resource tax has been expanded again. Recently, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation recently issued the notice of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation on the adjustment of the applicable tax rate standards for resource tax on tin ores. The tax rates on mineral resources such as magnesite, talcum and other non-metallic minerals in the original mines of non-ferrous metals are all raised. The applicable tax rate standard of magnesite resource tax has been adjusted from 2 yuan per ton to 15 yuan per ton, increased by 13 yuan, and the talc and boron mineral resources tax was adjusted from 3 yuan per ton to 20 yuan per ton, and increased by 17 yuan.

The data of the association of nonferrous metals show that China's molybdenum, magnesium and tin ore are very rich in resources, and they are the first in the world. Resources from the base of the industry or from the strategic value are far from the rare earth. According to the statistics of the United States Geological Exploration Bureau, China's molybdenum resources account for 38.4% of the global molybdenum reserves and reserves. 43.7%, as an important non renewable scarce strategic resource, Japan and Russia have established molybdenum strategic reserves successively.

The above people said that the mining of mineral resources in China, whether it is tin mine, magnesite and molybdenum ore, is widely distributed, small scale and low industrial concentration, causing disordered mining, polluting the environment, especially after the Ministry of land and resources of our country carries out the total control of the total mining, and disorderly excavates and walks. The phenomenon of privacy is common.

The responsible person of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation (State Administration of Taxation) said that changing the current situation of the low level of the current tax burden on the resource tax and raising the proportion of the resource tax in the resource price will help to avoid the loss of the interests of the scarce resources that belong to the state.

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