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As a state-owned enterprise with more than 70 years of magnesite mining, processing and production of magnesia products, HaiMag has the mining rights of the world's most optimal magnesite resources and is “the eldest son” of the national magnesite industry. We not only have a deep foundation and long-term influence in the industry, but also have extensive and long-term social responsibility. Under the leadership of governments at all levels, we will adhere to the development concept of innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing, make good use of the advantages of existing magnesite resources, and commit ourselves to the efficient development and utilization of resources while protecting resources and the surrounding environment. To make unremitting efforts and contributions to the healthy and sustainable development of the magnesite industry in the region.


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Welcome to Haicheng MagnesiteGroup Co.,Ltd. which has the mining rights of the world’s best magnesite resources, as well as a long history and profound experience in magnesite mining and magnesia production. As the only state-owned enterprise in China's magnesite industry, we specialize in production and supply of various high quality magnesite ore, caustic calcined magnesite, dead burned magnesite, fused magnesite, and some monolithic magnesia refractories, along with some chemical products based on magnesite. We have established second to none reputation at home and abroad by providing our partners and/or customers with high quality and competitive magnesite products for about 70 years.

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