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 Haicheng Magnesite Group Co.,Ltd. 

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The Haicheng Magnesite Group Co.,Ltd. is a large state-owned enterprise with more than 70 years of production history, which integrates magnesite mining and production of magnesite refractory. It consists of four areas, which respectively are Magnesite Mine, High Purity Plant area, Jinjiapu Plant area and Xiafangshen Plant area (including the family residential area and the office area), covering a total area of 6.25 million square meters.

The HaiMag is endowed with a unique magnesite resource, and the proven geological reserves recognized by the State Reserve Committee are 590 million tons, accounting for 20% of the country's total reserves. Among them, high-quality magnesite ore with MgO≧46% accounts for more than 40% of the Plant's total reserves. The thickness of its ore body, the quality of its ores, and the scale of reserves are all the best in the world. As a large open pit mine, its designed capacity is up to 1.5 million tons per year.

The total production capacity of HaiMag is up to 2 million tons per year. Our main products include Fused Magnesite (FM), High-purity Dead Burned Magnesite, Middle-grade Dead Burned Magnesite, Ordinary Magnesia, Caustic Calcined Magnesite Powder (CCM ball), High-quality Magnesite powder (ball), etc. In 2015, the HaiMag was certified with “Quality Management System ISO9001”, “Environmental Management System ISO14001” and “Occupational Health and Safety Management System GB/T28001” by the WSF that is internationally and domestically accredited; In 2017, it was in the list of the first batch of enterprises confirmed and announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as their production lines meet the requirements of the refractory industry standard; in 2018, it won the title of high-tech enterprise in Liaoning Province and 10 computer software Copyrights, including the production cost analysis system for magnesia refractory materials.

In recent years, following the operation principle of honesty and trustworthiness, and the New Era Spirit of shouldering responsibility and working hard, the self-improved, striving, innovative and forward-sighted Haimei staff have kept forging ahead and have been awarded “the Outstanding Enterprise in Magnesite Raw Material Industry of Liaoning Province”, “the Outstanding Contribution Unit in Green Mine Technology”, “the Garden Factory in Liaoning Province”, “the Advanced Unit of Ideological and Political Work in Liaoning Province”, and other honorary titles.

With feelings, quality, characteristics, innovation, reputation, vitality and responsibility, all staff of the HaiMag is willing to work together with people from all walks of life to create a better tomorrow.