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The fifth "magnesium Expo" press conference ended successfully in Liaoning.

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The fifth "magnesium Expo" press conference ended successfully in Liaoning.

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The fifth "magnesium Expo" press conference ended successfully in Liaoning.

From the press conference organized by the Liaoning people's government industrial special resources protection office in Liaoning people's hall, the "Fifth China Liaoning international magnesia material Expo" ("magnesium fair") will be held in Shenyang Liaoning industrial exhibition hall from September 20th to 22. This will be a "magnesium Expo" held by the Liaoning Provincial People's government after the establishment of the industrial special resource protection office.

China Liaoning international magnesia material fair is an international professional fair made by the industrial special resources protection office of the people's Government of Liaoning Province in recent years. It was first held in 2004, and then held every two years after four sessions. The four "magnesium fair" has achieved great success. By statistics, the four exhibition enterprises have accumulated more than 1200 and nearly 2000 exhibitors, including more than 80 international well-known enterprises from Europe, the United States and Asia, with nearly 100 thousand participants, including 40 thousand professionals and more than 1000 foreign businessmen. During the exhibition, the economic and trade negotiation activities are active. The first four exhibitions have reached thousands of transactions, with more than 35 billion yuan of intent, and the "magnesium fair" has become an international professional exhibition.

The fifth "magnesium Expo" exhibition area is 15000 square meters, with 550 international standard booths. The main theme of this "magnesium Expo" is to "speed up the adjustment of product structure and make strong special resources industry". It mainly shows that magnesite refractory at home and abroad (including magnesite, magnesia refractory raw material, magnesia amorphous refractory, magnesia refractory product); magnesium chemical industry series products; metal building materials series products; Magnesium and magnesium alloy series products; magnesia materials technology and related equipment; boron industry products and technology and related equipment; talcum series products and related equipment; bentonite series products and technology and related equipment.

In addition, the conference will hold a forum for the development of industrial special resources industry, which will carry out a series of lectures on the development of the magnesia material industry, boron industry, talcum industry and bentonite industry, and also hold a docking meeting for the industrial special resources industry. At that time, the Organizing Committee of the conference will invite dozens of domestic and foreign experts in the forum to make a special report on the forum, and collect a large number of scientific and technological achievements in the forefront of the industry in recent years. Meanwhile, the 2012 China nonmetallic mineral industry association bentonite Specialized Committee annual meeting and the international bentonite Industry Development Summit will be held at the same time.

In order to further strengthen the management of industrial special resources, promote the rational development and utilization of resources and strengthen the industry of special resources, Liaoning province has established an office for the protection of industrial special resources in Liaoning provincial Civil Affairs Office on the basis of the former Liaoning provincial government's magnesium resource protection office. We should conscientiously strengthen the unified protection management of the special industrial resources in the province, and actively explore the way of sustainable development of the industrial special resources industry.

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