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Taking the education of situation and task as a breakthrough to pool efforts to overcome difficulties

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Taking the education of situation and task as a breakthrough to pool efforts to overcome difficulties

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Facing the current international and domestic economic situation, facing the severe situation of the current production and operation of the general plant, the Party committee of the general plant of the sea and magnesium is conscientiously carrying out the eighteen spirit of the party, taking the situation and task education as a breakthrough, firm confidence and coacervation to overcome the difficulties.

First of all, the Party committee of the general factory issued a document to carry out the comprehensive deployment of the situation and task of the whole plant. The subordinate units of the General Factory conscientiously follow the requirements of the document and attach great importance to the education of the situation and tasks. Magnesite, quality inspection center and power plant have reported the situation and mission of education activities to the propaganda department. In carrying out the educational activities of the situation and task, magnesite is based on "three classes, three schools and one creation", divided into two grades of Party members and staff members and posts and workers, and has written and issued the educational materials of the situation and task. In order to better carry out the situation and task education, the power plant has formed a leading group with the Secretary and the director of the factory as the leader, and instruct the situation and task education activities in all directions. The factory team and the workshop group hold two sessions to discuss the meeting each month. The quality inspection center specially held all staff meetings to convey and deploy educational activities to carry out the situation and tasks.

In the case of the serious business situation in the General Factory, the whole factory should do ideological and political work to ensure that the staff of the factory unite around the Party committee and the Party of the general factory. Magnesite, electric melting three plant, Pu Sha one plant, power plant, security department, mining department and other units and offices are actively contributing to the "today sea magnesium", reflecting the production line and promoting excellent workers, transmitting positive energy, and playing the role of guiding and educating people with correct public opinion.

At the same time, it is an important part of the current situation and task education to learn the speech of general secretary Xi Jinping on the work meeting of the party's mass line education practice. The leading groups at all levels conscientiously study the full text of the speech, deeply comprehend the spirit of speech, unify the ideas into the spirit of the speech, and guide the development of the educational practice in the general factory with the spirit of speech.

Through carrying out the education of situation and task, we will increase the strength of enterprises' production and operation.

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